Investment strategies

There are a lot of strategies written for investing in HYIPs, but based on years of experience there are only two: hit-and-run and analytical approach. We will tell in more detail.

1. Hit and run (literally – snatched and run)

The strategy is optimal and unique for beginners. You go into projects on the minimum circle, output the refback, profit and depot – forget about this project. Look for new good projects – and so on in a circle. There are a lot of projects created, you will not have any problems with the assortment. Naturally, even this strategy needs to be invested selectively (for example, project plans “1% per day for 30 days” are not too suitable for work). Again, it is necessary to screen out incomprehensible / substandard projects.

Pros of strategy:

+ More often than not, you will be in a small, but profit;
+ Contributions for this strategy will almost always be compensated, which significantly reduces the risks for newcomers;
+ The very essence of HYIPs: the first earn, the rest lose. It is better to be first;
+ The strategy is diversified, that is, working on it you will make small contributions to many projects = as a result, the risk of losing the entire turnover tends to zero;
+ A drop of insider: admins hate hunners. Guess why? 🙂

Cons of strategy:

– Not suitable for serious investment turnover (a large deposit at the start can cause the project to close);
– In difficult periods of the industry (December-January, April-May, August), a series of pews can seriously reduce your bank. It is better to refrain from contributing to this strategy during periods of stagnation.

Summarizing: if you just master high-yield investment – work on the strategy of cunning. This is the most competent approach to start.

2. Analytical approach.

Over time, newcomers gain experience, learn to analyze projects. Determine the approximate investment of the administrator in the project, the advertising strategy of the project. Such an investor can no longer be called a novice – he is able to choose good projects among most mediocrities.

The second, perhaps the most important factor of selection, is insider information about project administration. Over time, the investor grows in touch, communicates in chats, learns to work with information. Knowing that an experienced administrator is at the helm of the investment project, you can invest serious sums.

Experienced investors play point-to-point – that is, they invest large sums in the “same” projects. And as a rule, they leave with a serious profit. This is an advanced strategy, and you will have to work on yourself and responsibly treat your money to effectively analyze projects.

3. Do not you want to decide anything?

There is a third option: if you do not want to decide anything, but you have a serious amount to work (from 1k $) – contact me by contacts, I will help to form the actual investment portfolio at the moment.

At once I will tell, for the time and experience in this case I do not pay a refback. And I ask you not to treat this option as a button “loot”, because high profit = high risks always.

I do not guarantee profits, but I guarantee an honest reasoned selection of projects based on your situation.